Honda HHB25U Blower

Honda HHB25U Blower

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The HHB25 is ultra-compact, light-weight and has a Honda ultra-quiet 4-stroke engine which makes the uncomfortable vibration and ear-piercing wail of the 2-stroke obsolete. You will never go back!!

You will also never have to mix oil and petrol again, unlike its 2-stroke rivals the HHB25 Blower runs on unleaded fuel.

Superior engineering means the HHB25 produces less noise and smoke than its competitors. The anti-vibration rubberised handle grip makes it easier to handle and will aid in reducing user-fatigue. Ideal for the disconcerting domestic customers and the demanding conditions of commercial use.

Engine: GX25

Displacement: 25cc

Dimensions (LxWxH):  965 x 265 x 370

Outfitted Weight (kg): 4.7kg

Wind Velocity: 70 m/sec (252km/h)

Air Volume: 630m3/h

Noise: 75dB (A)