Maruyama MHT236DVS-R Hedge Trimmer

Maruyama MHT236DVS-R Hedge Trimmer

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Maruyama MHT236DVS-R Hedge Trimmer

Powerful, robust and light-weight, The Maruyama semi-professional Hedge Trimmer is Japanese engineered and manufactured.

This hedge trimmer from Maruyama offers a position rotational handle which gives the operator excellent cutting flexibility. The adjustable handle has been designed to enable left- or right-hand use also

Maruyama offers reverse start feature, which is an assisted start system that only requires about 1/3 the effort of a conventional starter system when the rope is pulled.

We offer a 2-year non-commercial warranty, 12-month commercial and 3-month hire warranty (excludes misuse and/or fair wear and tear)


Engine: 2-Stroke

Engine Displacement (cm3): 23

Output: 0.58 kw, 0.78 hP

Dry Weight: 5.2

Blade Length: 60cm

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