Robin EX13 4.3hp Engine |  3/4" Keyed Shaft

Robin EX13 4.3hp Engine | 3/4" Keyed Shaft

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Robin EX13 4.3hp Engine

  3/4" Keyed Shaft

  • 126cc
  • 4.3hp 4 Stroke Engine
  • 3/4" Shaft
  • Max Torque 8.2Nm @ 2500rpm
  • Cast Iron Cylinder Liner
  • Weight 14kg (dry)
  • Complete with Muffler assembly
  • Ideal Engine for Waterblaster, Waterpump, Rotary Hoe, Logsplitter, Air Compressor, Generator, Reel Type Mower, Chipper Shredder, Concrete Saw, Agricultural Equipment, Go-Kart and many other applications. 
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